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villa in ubud bali

Why choose to stay in a Villa in Ubud Bali? Obviously, more privacy. Having to stay in a villa instead of a regular hotel room not only offers a heightened sense of privacy, but you're also free to come and go whenever you want without worrying if you're disturbing other guests. The fun part is that there are no time keeping rules and you're free to break convention by doing a midnight swim or perhaps deciding to stay up all night long just to wait for the sun to rise.

A lot more Customized Service

A dedicated team of villa staff are at your fingertips to manage your entire needs and requirements.

This exclusive and personalised service is the supreme luxury and you may decide to have meals served by an expert Chef, be driven around in an exclusive automobile or be delighted with a proprietary health spa treatment that gives old-fashioned recovery and beauty traditions to your villa door. You've got the room and possibility to amuse a tiny gathering of close friends or as an alternative hide far from the outside world to chill and get away the stresses of a hectic life style.

Cheaper More room and Facilities

Villa accommodation is normally a far more affordable option compared to residing in a hotel room of a similar categoria.

You additionally have the added incentive of making the most of facilities such as for instance your very own private pool and exotic back garden that you don't need to share with other folks. There is also a lot of room space to sunbathe unexposed throughout the pool and never have to feel shy or inhibited.

Genuinely Balinese Encounter

Residing in a villa instead of a hotel is a superb chance to see the society character when you are encompassed within a conventional Balinese neighbourhood.

You can expect to gain quality understanding of the island's cultural life-style where in fact the duration of time is measured by a limitless cycle of ceremonial rites. In a setting taken off busyness of main-stream tourism, you'll be able to delight in serenity and isolation by rediscovering the gift of getting up every day to the sounds of mother nature herself. An exclusive villa will get you precious time out spent with someone you care about to unwind and refresh.


Even though an exclusive villa has its security staff, nearly every Balinese village and community has its one of a kind system of protection based upon a local community watch practice.

Mysterious guests are instantly recognised as unknown people to the vicinity and their activities are strongly monitored. This guarantees higher reassurance through the entire duration of your time here. You'll be recognized as an honoured guest in a good Balinese environment.

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